please see faq's page for training time frames. 

Starting under saddle

Fred has started well over 2000 horses of every breed and age under saddle and is known as a specialist starter. He uses horse and people friendly, common sense methods which produce a happier, more educated and more confident horse in a shorter than average time frame.

Fred is an extremely thorough trainer and is a huge believer in building blocks in training. He aims to always set the horse and rider up for success by having a solid foundation with no sugar coating or shortcuts. See our FAQ's page for training time frames and what your horse will achieve being started by Fred.

Re education

Fred offers re education for all behavioral issues, including ridden evasions such as bucking, bolting, shying, lack of forward, lack of engagement, gaining respect, lack of focus, contact issues, lack of confidence and re mouthing for lightness and softness.

Fred also offers re education for ground work issues, including lack of respect, nerviness, floating, leg restraint training to resolve balance and farrier issues, leading, tying solid and all desensitizing.

Fred is known as a specialist trainer and has successfully re educated countless failed horses that have had limited success elsewhere. See our FAQ's page for more info about re education.

General Handling and Groundwork

We offer general ground work and handling with all horses from foals onwards. This includes halter breaking, leading, desensitising, handling legs and beginner farrier work, leg restraint training for confidence and balance, float loading, ground work games, tying solid and lunging.

Fred is very experienced with un handled and wild horses and has spent many years training for a number of brumby and rescue charities. We have also conducted our own brumby rescues, then rehabilitated, educated and re homed many of these very special horses. You can visit our Gallery page to see lots of photos of the wild horses we have rescued and worked with.

Please see our FAQ's page for more information about general handling.

Off The Track Re education (OTT)

Fred has re educated 100's of off the track Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses and has a unique understanding of the training they require to help them settle in to life as pleasure and performance horses after racing. This sort of re education will usually include a solid ground work base, re mouthing, lateral work under saddle to help with balance and suppleness and to help achieve trot and canter, arena work and lots of trail riding in groups and alone to help with confidence, focus and manners. Please see our FAQ's page for more information about OTT training.


Fred is a highly regarded, excellent clinician with years of experience running his own clinics. Fred is available for 1 to 3 day clinics Australia wide and has a busy clinic schedule.Please contact us if you're interested in hosting a clinic, and see our Clinics and Bookings page for details of upcoming events.

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