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Favourite Photos.

With well over 5000 horses on our books, we have quite the photo collection! We've always taken the time to record our clients horses training for them, both in photos and video, so here's a gallery of some of our favorites which will be changed regularly as there are just so many!


Fred's clinics are not only a concentrated dose of horse and owner improvement and training, but also an opportunity to have some fun and remember what we love about having horses in our life. This gallery contains some of our favorite photos from Fred's clinics. 

Wild Horse Rescues and Training.

Fred and Rach have been involved in wild horse rescues and rehabilitation since 2005 and both have a real passion and love for Australia's brumbies. Fred has worked with 100's of wild horses including starting many under saddle, and our greatest joy is seeing them go to their new homes, having been rescued from the wild.  This gallery contains some of our special memories from rescues and wild horse training.

Colt Starting Competitions

May 09, 2018

Since our sea change to Queensland, Fred has developed an interest in colt starting competitions. Not remotely competitive as a person, Fred has discovered he really likes the challenge of seeing what he can achieve with a totally un handled horse in a limited space of time, without compromising the horse or his training principles at all. He's proving to be very competitive so far!

Watkins Horse Handlers Videos

A link to our YouTube channel with lots of videos!

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